NMC Building, Al Maktoum Road, Deira, Dubai
Aroma Ayurveda Spa Mobile Deira

Best Hot Stone Massage Service

Get a sense of relaxation and spend a wonderful time with the best hot stone massage in Dubai, so we invite you to the Aroma Ayurveda Spa for a better experience of the Hot Stone Massage in Dubai .

The massage therapist puts hot stones of various sizes along the spine, shoulders and neck to promote deep relaxation and natural healing at the Aroma Ayurveda Spa near the Carlton Palace Hotel, Al Maktoum Street in Deira, Dubai.

Hot stone massage in Dubai by a professional massage therapist helps relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and rid the body of toxins. It also reduces hot stone massage tension and promotes calm and increases relaxation

We await your arrival and get the best Hot Stone massage service in Dubai . Book your time.